“If you're looking to see real changes in your life, I highly recommend working with Dr. Jenny.”
- Carrie
“When I first started working with Dr. Tufenkian, I was feeling rather hopeless and overwhelmed by my myriad health issues. The treatment plan she created for me was incredibly rigorous and thorough, as well as creative and intuitive. Her medical expertise is matched only by her incredible kindness and compassion. Dr. Tufenkian attends not only to the health of her patients, but to the heart as well.”
- Cheri
"I was suffering from severe anxiety at my last in person appointment, Dr Jenny went well over my allotted appointment time to make sure I was in a good state of mind before I left the office. I will never forget that."
- J.D.
“Dr. Jenny Tufenkian is not only a compassionate and knowledgeable doctor, she is truly a gifted healer. I have benefited greatly from Jenny's treatments on many levels - physically and emotionally as well as spiritually and energetically. Her medical expertise combined with her holistic approach have set me on a path toward optimal health.”
- J. Neall
"Dr. Jennifer Tufenkian's ability to listen and hold the whole picture of my health is incredible. She treats my present conditions while simultaneously holding the larger vision of my health and healing. Working with Jenny, I have experienced quick relief, while being supported in implementing deep life changes that have created long-lasting results."
- D. Nafziger